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How many people can you carry on your pontoon boats?

The boats we use are rated to carry 10-12 passengers, however, the US Coast Guard will only certify them to carry six 

passengers for commercial purposes.  This does not include captain and mate.  We have five boats to be able to take up to 30 passengers total.  And yes, even small children count as a passenger.

Are your Captains licensed by the US Coast Guard?

All of our Captains carry either the 6-OUPV Captains License or their Master's Captains License.  These licenses are strictly regulated by the US Coast Guard and require many hours of training and experience, in addition to background and drug checks.

How do I book a tour?

Right here on the website.  You can click on any of the types of tours on our Pontoon Tour Options page, or on the Kayak Tours page, or on the Pricing and Availability page.  All will lead to the scheduling site.  You'll pick your location and type of tour, then it will show you available days and times for that trip.  

Can you pick me up at my own dock? 

If you have access to a private or shared dock that has low-tide access, we can absolutely pick you up there.  We do require a $50 add-on to help cover our labor and fuel costs for the travel time to get you.  This is the minimum charge and may increase for farther travel.

What should we bring?

Sunscreen lotion (no sprays on the boat, please), any drinks or snacks you'd like, a towel if you plan to go swimming, and the best camera you've got.  Our boats have shade tops, but shade is dependent on the location of the sun.  We have lifejackets, however small children are usually more comfortable in one they are used to, so bring one if you have it.  We do not have lifejackets for infants.  

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